Friday, August 20, 2010

A Caution

Like "Lawrence of Arabia," "El Cid" is the kind of movie which if you haven't seen it on a movie screen, you haven't seen it. I'll be discussing why certain movies gain in power exponentially when the proportions are right, while others-- "TV movies" in my thinking-- gain scarcely at all when projected on a large screen.

This is why the plan is to either A.) show "El Cid" digitally at the WTC site on a large outdoor screen; B.) show it on film at a theater as close as possible to the site. Gaining permission for the first won't be easy. The second is very doable, but of course we'd need to drum up interest beforehand for the event to ensure a full theater, and proper impact from the event.

But think of it: The power of this movie when seen on a movie screen is unbelievable. The armies; the drums; the sound; the gorgeous canvas and music. It's an amazing experience. It's why I say that the Power of Art alone if well utilized can carry the day.


  1. If I can pull off a successful NYC screening, then the plan would be to set up showings around the country. That's some distance out. Target date: 9/11/11!

  2. Hi .
    As a kid El Cid was one of my favorite movies and we could use a guy as Rodrigo de Vivar in the US today.

  3. If they do not let you use the World Trade Center site, how about showing it on a large screen at Central Park. Central Park would be a good spot because it is very large and accomidating and it is very open to everyone. Having the screening in a open public place sends a message more so than having it in a movie theatre. Central Park is more public, putting the screening there would be an act of ownership. It would be like saying we own NYC which is exactly what the Muslims are trying to do with the Gound Zero mosque. The mosque is an in-your-face public statement. Showing the movie in Central Park would also be an in-your-face statement of dominance--like planting a huge flag at Central Park. Perhaps you can talk to the New York City police and firemen about helping you out. Have you talked to Pamela Geller? El Cid would be a great concept for a tee shirt--any artistic people out there?

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. The trick with an outdoor showing is maneuvering through the right NYC bureaucracy to get the okay. I staged an event once on a NYC sidewalk without any okay, but we were confined to a small space. Also, renting a big screen takes some money. . . . !