Thursday, August 26, 2010

Invitation to Mayor Bloomberg

(Here is the text of an Invitation faxed to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today. A copy is also on the way via snail mail to the mayor at his office.)

The El Cid Project invites Mayor Michael Bloomberg to attend a screening of the 1961 movie, "El Cid," in Manhattan in early 2011.

The mayor's attendance will affirm his support of moderate Islam, but also rejection of the extremist variety. His agreement to attend will go a long way toward silencing his critics. The movie's plot is about moderate Muslims joining together with fellow Spaniards to defeat an army led by fanatic jihadist Ben Yussuf.

"El Cid," starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren, is one of the most beautiful movies ever made. Seeing it on a large movie screen, as it was intended to be seen, is a thrilling and moving experience.

The El Cid Project is willing to set the date of the screening to fit the Mayor's schedule.

Actions speak loudly. Attending a showing of "El Cid" will demonstrate the mayor's commitment to moderation and security. It will defuse the mosque crisis by uniting both sides of the issue, which is everyone's goal.
Please respond as quickly as possible.
Thank you.

Karl Wenclas, El Cid Project, PO Box 22681, Philadelphia PA 19110

(This site’s email address was also included. I’ve added my phone# to the snail version.)    


  1. One thing I'm absolutely confident about is the power of "El Cid" when viewed on film on a large movie screen. There is no motion picture like it. Such viewing by those involved in the Ground Zero mosque dispute, on both sides of the issue, will A.) affirm the threat of fanaticism; B.) affirm the need to unite all parties, including moderate Muslims, against jihad and for the values of Western civilization, thereby alleviating fear and misunderstanding.
    It's a project all sides can support. (At the same time supporting great art!)

  2. p.s. Re the screening. I'm totally serious about pulling this off. I've staged many arts events in the past, in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit. This one will be a bit different, with a broader message.