Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Real Phobia

In its new (8/30) print issue, Time magazine portrays all those who question the Ground Zero mosque as “Islamophobes.” So designated are 60-70% of the American public.

The real phobia is suffered by the folks at Time, and other denizens of Manhattan media skyscrapers. They peer out from their gilded towers at the vast American landscape, and they see it inhabited by stereotypes—stereotypes of their own creation. To them, middle America is a stereotype.

In their previous issue, Time’s Joel Stein lauded elitism. The Time staff draws ever further into its elitism. Anyone who disagrees with them is a know-nothing, a hate-monger, by definition. Their opinion is the only opinion, because it comes from them.


The establishment media isn’t fighting the Ground Zero mosque, because they’re fighting America instead. They’re fighting for their continuing dominance over the thinking of America. For the last couple decades they’ve been narrowing speech and attempting to narrow thought. They don’t care two cents worth about Islam and the mosque. The idea is fantastic. What they care about is power.

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