Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Blackmail of Violence

While burning a Koran is a dumb idea, it's also a dumb idea for everybody and his brother to publicly begin handwringing about it: "These mobs of irrational people, if we don't do exactly what they say they'll start killing and rioting!"

People are too willing to excuse and enable the worst aspects of Islam-- when the proper reaction is to ask the proponents of that religion to become civilized. Where are the so-called moderates? If the religion is so flimsy it can't survive one harmless crackpot act in the wilds of Florida, then it turns out to be the very extremist faith which everyone's been proclaiming it's not. President Obama and General Petraeous both need to publicly say it's time for the backward faith to leave the primitive age. If it can't, then why should a mosque at the site of the worst attack on America be tolerated?

The message of "El Cid" is that moderates from all camps need to move forward. Moderation doesn't mean tolerating nonsensical violence. If we're going to be FOR civilized culture, freedom, and values then we need to be INtolerant of the opposite.

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