Monday, September 6, 2010

Have You Seen It?

Have you seen "El Cid" yet?

Yes, I know, my argument is that you need to watch the film on a large movie screen to truly experience it. But I'm curious if anyone checking out this blog has viewed it anyway, whether in the past, or now to check out its relevance. If so, on what kind of screen did you view it? I hope you plugged in stereo speakers, if possible, because not only is "El Cid" a visual masterpiece, no movie ever made has better sound.


  1. I have seen this movie, and it is great.
    It is a bit long, at nearly 2 & 1/2 hours.
    The really mind-blowing thing was how they got the dozen vuvuzela players to stay both in tune and play a decent fanfare.

  2. Went out bought the movie and watched it -- yes, actually found it at a video store for purchase. Wanted to buy it on bluray, apparently it's not out (for this region). Movie was great (obviously older style acting), extremely epic. A few scenes were a little far fetched, but the story was well thought out. Really enjoyed it. I just watched on a decent lcd screen.. sry, just using tv speakers. I'll buy it on bluray and break the region code -- from what it sounds like, the bluray version out is very good.