Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Huffington Propaganda

The political website run by superwealthy establishment Leftist Arianna Huffington should do basic fact-checking before publishing articles. The August 14th screed by Zahra Khan, "The Potpourri Resolution for a Ground Zero Mosque," at
gets some basic things wrong.

Note that Ms. Khan says in her article, "--Islam, a word that literally means 'peace.'"

Yet Wikipedia says "Islam literally means 'submission (to God).'"

The Random House Dictionary has Islam as "submission (to God)." The Collins English Dictionary has Islam as "surrender (to God) from 'aslama,' to surrender."

Elsewhere, Zahra Khan says that "--hating Islam means hating peace." Yet the history of Islam's spread is a history of war and conquest, beginning with the religion's founder.

The sad thing about Ms. Khan's article is that the gullible people who run and read The Huffington Post no doubt believe what she says, because they want to believe it.
A scan of Zahra Khan's other articles for The Huffington Post shows that she cries often and loudly about racism, presumably against her. I don't know if she's been discriminated against. I do know that, as she's a graduate of Harvard University, at some point she was discriminated FOR by getting into that exclusive bastion or privilege and power, which makes her cries all the more curious.

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