Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Death of Liberalism

Voltaire: "To hold a pen is to be at war."

Those who masquerade as liberals today are anything but. They have no commitment to free speech-- instead, they've been indoctrinated into the principle of criminalizing speech, along with crazy notions of interest group politics.

Over the last couple days I've posted about the Molly Norris affair on a couple of ostensibly liberal on-line forums. I thought I'd be able to stir up concern and outrage at cartoonist Norris being driven into hiding by exercising her right to free expression. One of the forums is devoted to zine culture-- print zines being "underground" publications which have always been devoted to pushing the boundaries of free speech; zinedom having consisted for decades of publications representing every possible viewpoint, including far right and far left and every other idea within and without those parameters.

What I found in the two forums was A.) prevalent apathy from most of the Eloi-like participants; B.) those who did respond were more outraged at me for having brought the discomforting Molly Norris matter up.

A few quotes:
"There are a million things in this cruel, messed up, insane world to protest against and try to remedy. Why is this one any more important than any other?"

"--is it wise to throw gasoline on a raging fire? . . . don't come crying to me if you get immolated."

"--learn to speak sensibly and with tact."

"I'm disgusted by your rampant Islamophobia."

The idea of defending speech, even offensive speech, is nonexistent on these forums, which I should add have thousands of members and hundreds of readers. The chief attitude toward Ms. Norris was that she's to blame for her problems, for daring, in a humorous and harmless way, to gently mock the religion of Islam.

Yet there's more going on. One is an apparent alliance between Islamists and the far Left. Toward what end? More about that in an upcoming post.

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