Thursday, March 3, 2011


An interesting case, involving Brigham Young University in Utah, where a star basketball player has been suspended for breaking the school’s or team’s Honor Code. He had premarital sex with his girlfriend.

Sports radio hosts have called the suspension “Wacky.” Indeed, in the everything-goes context of America now, it surely seems so. The idea of any rules , barriers, or restrictions—at all—must clearly be wacky.

On the other hand we have the example of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and countless others like them, who have callouses on their foreheads from the intensity of their five-times-a-day praying. For Western Civilization, what that civilization has become, this is the opponent. Characters capable of total commitment, complete dedication. How do you defeat such people?

The move “El Cid,” made fifty years ago when ideals of codes and honor in America were not archaic, is instructive. For the Cid and his bride, honor isn’t archaic. It’s everything.

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