Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Changing the Culture

THE ONLY thing which will rescue America is to re-embrace the concept of America. This starts with renewing American culture—with promoting the idea of unique American culture which has been lost in a mad rush toward unthinking irrelevant Globalism which posits all cultures no matter how backward or barbaric as equal to the achievements of Western civilization. America is one of those achievements.

To do my part I’m working to re-introduce the concept of American literature. I’ve been doing this at another blog,


(See the All-Time American Writer Tournament there.)

My next objective is to renew the American short story, which lost its way several decades ago when it left the vigorous stories of the past to fall into a morass of elitist solipsistic navel-gazing overcrafted literary junk.

My first shot? The new ebook, Ten Pop Stories, now on sale at Amazon’s Kindle Store, (www.amazon.com) and as a Nook Book at Barnes & Noble (www.bn.com). The ebook contains entertaining American fiction. It’s ridiculously affordable. Purchase your copy now!

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