Friday, August 10, 2012

About Movies Today

Today’s blockbuster movies are an insult to the audience. They mock the stupidity of today’s moviegoer. Fast, jerky editing where you can’t see what’s happening combined with sadistic in-your-face violence is something today’s brainwashed-by-MTV accept unquestioningly. One doesn’t have to be against artful editing or violence in film to state this.

Today’s blockbuster movies feed on the darkest and most degrading aspects of the human personality.

“El Cid” surely has its share of violence, but it’s part of an overarching historical, cultural, artistic framework and message. No film has ever had more beautiful cinematography. Unlike today’s “Dark Knight,” “Bourne,” movies one is allowed to actually see and appreciate the incredible camera shots. The presentation isn’t a tease or a scam.

I understand why Islamists have no respect for those who inhabit the West. I see why they consider us to be unthinking unblinking weak consumerist zombies without morals, character, principles, or sense—accepting of any nonsensical nihilistic art or idea if it’s properly packaged with the right amount of hype and glitz and is properly approved by the mendacious mandarins of the mainstream media.

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