Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Pertinent Quote

Here's a quote from Atheist Delusions by David Bentley Hart, page 230.

"There is something to be said, surely, for Nietzsche's prophecies regarding the 'Last Men.' At least, when one considers our culture's devotion to acquisition, celebrity, distraction, and therapy, it is hard not to think that perhaps our vision as a people has narrowed to the smaller preoccupations and desires of individuals, . . . it is hard not to lament the loss of cultural creativity that seems an inevitable concomitant of this secular beatitude. When one looks, for instance, at the crepuscular wasteland of modern Europe-- with its aging millions milling around the glorious remnants of an artistic and architectural legacy that no modern people could hope to rival, acting out the hideously prolonged satyr play at the end of the tragic cycle of European history-- it is hard to supress a feeling of morbid despair. This was Nietzsche's greatest fear: the loss of transcendent aspiration that could coax mighty works of cultural imagination out of a people."

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