Monday, October 18, 2010

The Unholy Alliance


Here's a post on a site which turns reality on its head, so that those issuing the fatwah against Molly Norris are the victims, as well as, somehow, in some Orwellian universe, defenders of free speech:

Molly Norris may have been extremely naive. She may well even have thought to gain a spot of publicity. But NO WAY does she deserve having to lose her identity; to no longer exist. What country is this?? If Americans don't have the freedom-- and the safety-- to be naive, then we've truly lost this country. The concept "America" no longer exists.

Click on the "About" at the Daily Mail Times site and you'll see it's the project of a bizarre combination of radical Leftists and Islamists. What could they possibly have in common? Given their very different ideologies, what's their objective? It's hard not to think that being anti-American is enough of a commonality for them.

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  1. I'll be commenting on the Juan Williams controversy and how it relates to other matters