Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque: A Middle Path

There's a way to bring all sides together about the Ground Zero mosque issue. The solution is to sponsor a showing, at the Park 51 site, or at Ground Zero itself, of the classic 1961 film "El Cid," which depicts the defeat of radical Islam in Spain by an alliance of Christians and moderate Muslims. What could be more timely?

This screening of a motion picture masterpiece would demonstrate the sincerity of Imam Rauf, and alleviate the fears of his detractors. This is the El Cid Project.

Note the opening scene of the film. The fanatic, Ben Yussuf, is speaking to Moorish moderates-- chastising them for their worldly culture, lecturing them on the true meaning of their faith. How they react to this lecture becomes an important thread in the plot. It's the same choice given religious moderates now.
If we all, on all sides, accept the existence of moderate Islam, and reject the conquest variety, as we all proclaim, then this is a project everyone should back. Let disagreements be solved through the power of art.

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