Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moral Victory or Defeat

TOO MUCH emotional capital has been invested on the Ground Zero mosque issue, by both sides, those for and against it, for either to easily back off. This is why Imam Rauf has accepted no attempts at compromise. To move the mosque project would be seen as a moral defeat for Jihad and the spread of Islam. If Imam Rauf were truly a Westernized moderate this wouldn’t matter to him—but it does matter to him. He doesn’t seek peace and harmony within American culture and society. He wants it under the umbrella of Islam, through a new Caliphate. Moving the mosque would be no less of a defeat for the U.S. elite media, which through their one-sided vociferousness have staked even more on this issue than he has.

Failure to move the mosque would be less of a defeat for the other side, the populist insurgency which opposes it, because their numbers are growing regardless. In the big picture of things, it would still be a moral defeat.

My opinion is that Rauf makes a mistake by not grabbing a compromise now and demonstrating his oft-proclaimed moderation. Likewise, the collapsing elite media backing him should be looking for any way out; any method of getting back in touch with the American public. They’re in a lose-lose situation. Whether the mosque moves or stays, they’ll be perceived as weak.

What will be the outcome of this issue? What are the next moves by the various parties?

Supporting a showing of “El Cid” in New York City benefits every side—except, of course, the side of the Jihadis.

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